Hunter Stevens Inc., Specialty Fasteners

Certified Specialty Fasteners Made in the USA

100% U.S.A. made custom fasteners manufactured in compliance with DFARS.

Why Hunter-Stevens, Inc.

  • Hunter-Stevens Inc. manufactures 100% American made, certified, specialty fasteners
  • HSI manufactures its specialty fasteners in compliance with DFARS 252.225-7014 specifications. Upon request, Hunter-Stevens, Inc. will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance form.
  • 99.95 Acceptance rate of specialty shipped fasteners.
  • All fasteners can be manufactured in metric or standard sizes.
  • All parts are turned down from round, hex or square bars purchased directly from domestic mills. As a result, we have records on heat treatment as well as chemical and physical properties.
  • We can certify every special fastener we make.
  • Our 20 mm (3/4in) CNC machine enhances production to enable quotes on up to 10,000 pieces
  • Your specialty fasteners can be manufactured in any metal - even the exotics. About 40 percent of our parts are machined from alloy steel. The balance of our specials are formed from exotic materials.
  • We can work to specifications that demand precise tolerances, configurations and threading.
  • We have 30 years experience - the equipment, the facilities and the skilled people to manufacture the custom fasteners you need.

You can be assured of High Quality and Quick Delivery when your fasteners are manufactured by Hunter-Stevens, Inc.

Contact Us

Hunter Stevens, Inc., Inc.
4003 Fleetwood Avenue
Franklin Park, Illinois 60131, US
Phone: 847-671-5014
Fax: 847-671-0206

Contact us for a quote and provide your customers with quality pieces for all their manufacturing needs.

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The implementation of our new CNC Machine will bring you more product at a faster pace.
We can manufacture up to 10,000 pieces at a time, as well as produce pieces as large as 3/8 in diameter.

Above are examples of a socket head cap screws and a socket set screw manufactured on Hunter-Stevens CNC machines. Socket set screw has a specialty round point.

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CNC Capabilities

Our CNC capabilities for Socket Set Screw Diameters are from 4-40 through 3/4". Our CNC Metric capabilities for Socket Set  Screw Diameters are available through 20mm. Our CNC capabilities for Socket Head Cap Screws Diameters are from 4-40 through ½". Our CNC Metric capabilities for Socket Head Cap Screw diameters are available through 12mm.

Above 3/8-16x3/4" socket set screw flat point, 3/8-16x11/4" socket head cap screw and 5/16-18x7/8" socket head cap screw


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